Introducing the Boots Emporium

At the Boots blogger event we were also introduced to the new boots emporium. The emporium is a new service that helps you buy the perfect gifts that have a personal touch. The first part we were introduced to was the luxury beauty gift boxes. I love this idea as you get to pick a box and then select three high end products all just for £25. Which is a great deal for the products you get to choose from as the contents are definitely worth more. This reminds me of like a build your own birch box.

Another service is the makeup obsession customisable palettes. I think this is a great idea as you get to choose the size of the palette and then fill it with the exact products that you want. You can even mix and match eyeshadows with blushers, bronzers and strobe creams. You always get the odd couple of colours that you never end up using in an eyeshadow palette, whereas you'll get full use out of these as you picked them!

The next area is not quite ready yet, but coming soon is the print your own makeup bags. This will be a self serve service like for photos, where you can plug in your phone and upload the image you want to print and there will be a nine day turn around when you can then come and collect your finished makeup bag. Whilst we wait they do have some ready made ones with cute designs on and they can still be personalized with an engraving detail for free. Stay tuned as hopefully this service will be available soon.

Next we were introduced to the exciting part, the engraving service! This is where you can have any glass, plastic or wood products from boots engraved. This is great for things such as perfume bottles, makeup brushes, palettes etc. You can have any name or phrase, which you will discuss with a member of staff and choose the exact size and position of the message you want on the product. You could add Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or even 'will you marry me?' to your chosen gift. You can choose the colour of the writing too by either leaving it clear or picking from black, white, silver or gold. No matter the size or how many characters it is just a one of payment of £3 which I think is amazing. This service is here to stay too, it isn't just for christmas so will be great for birthdays, mothers and fathers days etc. There is only so many Mum mugs you can buy every year, why not get her favourite perfume and add 'thanks for everything' or 'love you mum' etc. It is also a really quick process so is great for those last minute presents. The best part is you do not have to get the engraving done then and there. If you buy something, go home and decide you want it done, you can go back to the store with your receipt to prove it is a boots purchase and can then have it engraved.

The emporium also do gift boxes and personalized ribbons for any gifts so even if you buy something that can't be engraved it can still have that personal touch. 

Whilst I was here I wanted to take advantage of the service and got my blog name on a perfume bottle. I went with silver text as I felt it went best with the design. This is a service definitely worth checking out!­ 

Please stay tuned for more posts every monday and friday.

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  1. Thank you for writing this post!! Was so intrigued about the service - defiantly will be giving it a look!! x

    1. It really is a great service cause there are so many parts to it so something for everyone, hope you liked it :) x

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