Style Diary One

This outfit was for an evening in the town browsing the shops and going for a couple of cocktails. Although it does not get cold in Spain, as you get used to the heat during the day, if you are out late in the evening you may feel a slight chill. Kimono's are perfect as they are very thin and floaty so stay cool, but do keep that chill off if there is a breeze. I think that the blue shades of the flowers on my kimono go perfectly with this skirt. This outfit is very blue, but I do not mind as it is my favourite colour. I paired the outfit with a little white crop top just to break up the blue a little bit.

This outfit features:
Top: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Kimono: New Look
Hat: Spanish market stall
Shoes: Primark

Stay tuned for more!

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