GHD hair dryer review

As I have quite long and thick hair I always dread having to wash my hair as I know after I am going to have to dry it. I also cannot let my hair naturally dry as it just doesn't happen. One time it had been over 24 hours and a lot of my hair was still wet! Also as my roots are 'virgin' hair and quite healthy it tends to get greasy quite quickly, therefore blow drying it is essential. Letting it naturally dry sometimes makes my hair greasy before it's even had a chance to fully dry. Using a hair dryer usually takes me at least 45 minutes up to an hour just to dry my hair. This drives me mad especially if I want to also style it afterwards.

I had planned on getting some GHD straighteners, so whilst on the website the hair dryers caught my eye. They stated that they reduce the amount of drying time compared to a normal hair dryer. I looked at quite a few reviews and most said that they were definitely worth the money. I was getting a bit of extra money coming in that month so I thought why not give them a go! I have had the hair dryer for a few months now and thought why not give it a review.

What product is it and what comes in the box?
I ordered the GHD Air professional hair drying kit. The box contains the hair dryer, two sectioning clips, a vented brush, a diffuser and a protective bag.

I honestly cannot praise this hair dryer enough. It really has reduced my drying time to 30 minutes even if I don't have it on the hottest setting. It also came with a GHD brush to go with it, which allows me to create a blow dry look at home. This hair dryer has a beautiful design especially the back where the air travels through. It has a very sleek design over all. It has a nice long cord which doesn't leave you to restricted to being sat right next to the plug. The sectioning slips are really handy to have, especially when you want to dry your hair in sections. The attachment allows for direct flow of the heat which creates a smoother finish when drying with a barrel brush. I am yet to use the diffuser, therefore I cannot comment on this attachment. I cannot fault this hair dryer at all and I am over the moon with my purchase. As I said I have had this for a few months now and I do not think I could ever go back to a normal hair dryer from now on.

I ordered directly from the GHD online store here as you can never be too safe with all of the fake products that can be sold on websites. You can also get them in selected hairdressers. If you are thinking of getting one I highly recommend you just go for it as I did and do not regret it one bit!

I hope you enjoyed this review and stay tuned for more posts every monday and friday.

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