Desk Organisation/Storage

This post is all about some new desk storage I have brought to allow me to make my desk a more organised workspace. 

The first bits I got were the two IKEA plant pots as they are really cute and perfect sizes for storing all of my pens, pencils etc in. They are just the right height as I like that you can see a little bit of the pens pop out as it adds a small splash of colour. Available here.

I also recently brought a copper metal mesh desk tidy which allows me to store my main pens (that I am always loosing) Post it notes, glue and some decorative tape! This is also somewhere you could store paper clips, pins, staples etc. but I do not really use any of those. This is from Wilko, available here.

In the same range as the desk tidy I also brought the magazine file, which is extremely handy as I am always buying magazines and I can keep my most recent ones close to me. This is too from Wilko and available here.

Also matching I brought two stackable paper trays. I will be storing my printer paper in here, but at the moment I have been storing my notebooks in it, as I have so many and it looks neater keeping them in there and they are reachable. Available here.

I also have a copper basket stored under my desk with more magazines that may not be too recent, but good to keep for collages and research.

The best bit of storage in my office is definitely my IKEA Alex drawers! These are a life saver. Being a very arty person, who seems to collect arts and craft and stationary I was forever struggling to store it. It would all be spread out in different places, but these drawers have allowed me to house everything in one easy and accessible place. I shall do a separate post all about my Alex drawers and how I organise my art stuff. Available here.

I have two drawers built into my desk and these mainly house bits and bobs that haven't found a home, such as spare notebooks, camera equipment, wires and anything else I want to hide away to avoid it looking messy.

These might seem like really simple ways to organise your desk but honestly pen pots and paper trays honestly make such a difference when it comes to finding things! It allows you to separate colouring pencils and felt tips, old and new magazines etc. Also if everything has it's own place you are more likely to put it back into that place, rather than just dump it on your desk. If my desk is tidy and looks aesthetically pleasing I am more likely to sit at it and get on with something as it looks more inviting. Whether you have a big or small desk space it is good to keep it organised.

Please stay tuned for most posts every monday and friday!

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