Nerja Trip

So my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to have two holidays this summer. This second holiday was again in Spain, however this one was to Nerja. This holiday was actually arranged first over a year ago and we have been looking forward to it for ages! The travelling there was not the nicest of journeys due to the 7 hour wait in the Malaga airport before our taxi could pick us up and take us to Nerja. As we got there so early our villa was not available until around 4 so we spent the day at the beach whilst we waited. The villa was so nice as it had a wonderful view and it had its very own pool and a hot tub. although the getting there dragged a bit it was worth it once we got there! Do not think we will be getting cheap flights with awkward times again though haha! We went with Joe's family so there was a nice group of us and we spent the week relaxing by the pool and sunbathing by the sea on the beach whilst drinking cocktails.

Nerja had a lovely variety of shops of both expensive looking boutiques, typical cute touristy shops and liquor stores. The shops were also surrounded with bars, restaurants and ice cream stores. The only downside to Nerja is the hills! And not just little ones big steep ones. Walking down to the beach was easy, but the coming back at the end of the day when we are all worn out from the beach was not fun. All of us would jump into the pool when we got back to cool down, it was really nice and refreshing. However if we had a villa lower down we would miss out on the view. Our villa was surrounded by other wonderful looking apartments and a few mountains in the distance. It was so hot where we are even with a breeze, I can't image how hot it is at the top of those hills.

We did not do very much sightseeing as it was very much a chill out relaxing holiday. We all really enjoyed it as we did swimming, sunbathing, shopping, eating and drinking what more do you need for a perfect holiday!

Whilst we were there I decided to photograph a few of my favourite outfits and do a little holiday style diary for you. Which I will be individual posts to follow.

Whether it is raining or the sun is out I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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