Isla Canela

So we are already near the end of summer, where has the time gone? This year is flying by so quickly. I recently went to Spain with my family and boyfriend after we spontaneously booked a last minute all inclusive holiday. I am so pleased we made this decision as it was so lovely. We went Isla Canela, Huleva, which is a place extremely close to the border of Portugal. We actually had to fly to and from Portugal and get coaches to our hotel in Spain as their airport was closer than a spanish one.

We stayed at Hotel Barcelo and I highly recommend it. This hotel has recently been refurbished and I don't think there's a bad word I could say about it. The rooms are spacious and have a gorgeous open plan design and we had a balcony with a view of the sea and the hotel pool.

As we were all inclusive our meals and drinks were included. The restaurant was a buffet all you can eat style that had a huge amount of choice and was wonderfully presented. I was extremely happy with the bars as there were only certain alcohols that were free for all inclusive and usually this is just house brands, but even Smirnoff and Johnny Walker whiskey were in the free brand list!

It was so nice to have a week away in the sun chilling with my family and boyfriend it is not often we are all together at the same time. The grounds of the hotel were beautiful as there were fountains leading up the pool. We were also located right next to the beach and a variety of beach bars.

Isla Canela is not as popular as places like Majorca, therefore it was not over crowded and was not full of tourists. We did go in mid July so there also weren't many children off of school yet, which contributed to the fact it wasn't as busy as summer holidays can be. We would all definitely re-visit this hotel and already looking into booking it for next year!

 Hope you guys are doing something nice this summer!


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