August Favourites

Here I have a list of my top seven products I have been loving this past month. A couple of the products are new and I am really impressed by them and a couple are staples that I've always used.

1. Benefit Brow
I actually brought a magazine recently just because this was the free gift and I really wanted to try it out. I am so pleased that I did as I love it. I have never used a type of gel or fixing product for my eyebrows and now I don't think I could go back! This product allows you to brush your brows into your preferred shape and locks them into position and lasts all day or all night. Get yours here

2. Naked Smokey Palette
I usually use my naked 3 palette over any other palette, but recently I have been reaching for my smokey palette more. I decided it was time for a change and have been going for more of a brown and gold eye rather than pinks and coppers. I particularly love shades and . I have been using in my crease and on the center of the eyelid. Along with primer potion the pigmentation and how long it manages to stay on means that Urban Decay palettes are always a favourite. Get yours here

3. Elvive hair oil
As I have been away my hair has really suffered some serious damage from going in and out of the sea, exposure to the sun and chlorine. To prevent my hair getting tangled a keep my hair in a plait at night, but when I take it out and brush it it becomes a giant frizz ball! This Elvive hair oil is a life saver as I only need a tiny bit on my hands and gently run it through my hair and it softens it down right away. It also adds shine so creates the appearance of healthier hair. Get yours here

4. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face Sun Lotion
As it's summer it is extremely important that we all use suncream. I usually start with a very high factor of 50 as I easily burn and progressively bring it down. This suncream is specifically for the face and has moisturiser also in the product which helps keep your skin hydrated. I also really love the smell of this which is a bonus. Get yours here

5. Sleek Contour Palette
It is actually only one specific colour from this palette that is my favourite as none of the others unfortunately work for me. (I shall do a separate full review). The contour palette is a cream substance and I have recently found that powder bronzers just are not working for me and this is a great alternative. As its cream it blends in with the foundation really well rather than just clinging onto moisture and going patchy. Mine is in the shade light. Get yours here

6. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
For a little while I decided to try a different skin routine that was a little bit cheaper, but I decided it wasn't working as good for me as my old one did. I therefore decided to go back to my Clinique products. I repurchased my moisturiser and already my skin feels so much better and I can't rave enough about how much it hydrates your skin. Get yours here

7. MAC Twig
As I went on holiday I off course had a little look around duty free and decided to get myself a MAC lipstick. My friend has a collection of MAC lipsticks and one of my favourites of hers was Twig so I knew I had to get my own. I cant believe the staying power of this lipstick and the pigmentation is gorgeous! Get yours here

Stay tuned for more posts!

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