Valentines Day | Gifts guide

Hey lovelies, am I the only one that cannot believe it is february already? February is the month of valentines day therefore today I am going to do a gift guide for you. I believe that you should show that special someone that you love them everyday of the week, but I do like Valentines day. Not all of these are going to be physically presents, but also ways to just express and show your love for someone. If you haven't got a partner don't feel down take this opportunity to gather up your best friends and either have a cute movie night in or go out for dinner and have drinks. The day is all about sharing it with people you love whether thats family, friends or your partner. Valentines day is not for some people which is fair enough but here is my gift guide for those who do celebrate it.

Gifts for her

1. I personally love gifts that are personal for example a photo frame/album that features photos and good memories or even a nice piece of art work that has meaning behind it that relates to you.

2. One of their favourite scents. Perfume is something that you love, but do not always want to buy yourself.

3. You can never beat good old fashioned flowers.

4. Lush Cosmetics do a lovely Valentines range that consists of gift sets and products that are only available around Valentine's Day.

Gifts for him

1. A nice grooming set, maybe a razor with a badger hair shaving brush and balm. Men sometimes do not like spending money on toiletries, but would appreciate a nice decent gift set. Find the image example here.

2. An aftershave that he loves, but you want to make sure you like it too as you are going to not only be buying it, but you will be smelling it!

3. Merchandise. If you are the type of couple to sit and watch a whole series of a show together you could get them something relating to that show. For example Game of Thrones you could get them a t-shirt, cushion covers, key rings, mugs etc. there is honestly so much to choose from.

4. A games gift card for their console. If your partner has say a PS4 you can buy top up wallet gift cards from £5 and upwards. This allows them to buy games online and download them straight onto the console. If your gift card doesn't match the price of the game they choose they can top it up like a normal online transaction.

Gifts for both of you

1. You cannot beat a nice meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner its nice to just go out somewhere different and not have to cook yourselves. I quite enjoy dressing up smart in a nice dress and my boyfriend will wear a shirt and go for a nice meal and a couple of drinks. Putting in that extra bit of effort can create a really enjoyable night.

2. Ordering takeaway and getting some movies. If you do not fancy going out treating yourselves to a take away and watching some of your favourite movies whilst chilling on the sofa can be just as an enjoyable night.

3. An experience. You can now get a huge variety of experiences and you can get ones where the package is for two people. Depending on what kind of people you are and what you are into you could either do a spa trip and enjoy being pampered, go to a race course and get to drive some super expensive fancy cars, go wine tasting etc.

4. Your presence. There is no better present than being there and expressing your love for your special person.

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