New Apartment

So I have some news, I am getting a new apartment. Yes I know moving again you may be thinking, but when your a student you tend to move from place to place each year. I am actually moving back closer to my family and boyfriend and will be commuting back and forth to uni. This time I am renting a proper flat, not student accommodation, and luckily I am allowed to decorate it however I like and will have more room. My current flat contract does not run out until june, which gives me plenty of time to sort through my things, decorate and gradually move things in. 

As a student I am obviously not the wealthiest of people, however I do want my apartment to look as nice as possible. I have been creating mood boards looking at desk/office space and living room designs on Pinterest and it has inspired me lots. My boyfriend and I have decided to DIY a few furniture bits and also buy secondhand and up cycle. I shall probably do updates on the flats progression and also DIY posts showing you how we make some bits. I know that we are planning on making a cook funky coffee table and I am also planning on making my desk, which I may do a post on.

We are going for a sort of Scandinavian/minimalstic meets industrial kind of look. I want a brick wall so that I can pretend that I am living in some wonderful New York loft apartment haha, I wish. The industrial look is good when you have mix and match furniture as things are less likely to look out of place. The flat is definitely going to constantly be a work in progress, but this mood board is what I aspire to. Here is a few images from my 'dream apartment' mood board. Feel free to look at the full mood board here.

Hope you liked this post and look forward to the home ware hauls and DIY's.

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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