LUSH Oxford Street

During my recent visit to London, I decided that I had to take this opportunity to go to the Lush Oxford Street Store. My friends know what I'm like and decided not to come with me as I had no intention on having just a quick look around. Off I went by myself and it was so lovely I ended up wondering around for literally about an hour. My local store is not the biggest so there was quite a lot of products that I had not seen before so had plenty to look at.

The store is split over three levels and is laid out really nicely. The ground floor is full of the skin and hair products such as skincare, makeup, shower gel, shampoo etc. it has a little hair lab area which I loved as it had a really retro style to it. Upstairs was full of bath bombs, bath oil melts etc. and also a big section just for the fun! Lower ground floor is where the spa is located, along with the massage bars. I was spoiled for choice when it came to buying products, but I mainly focused on getting bits that I can't get at my local store.

I really enjoyed my visit as even though it was busy there was plenty of staff around ready to help if you need it. I spoke to two lovely members of staff the First Lady helped me decided which face mask to purchase and also informed me about one of their facial soaps that would be good for my skin. I shall feature a haul in a separate post as I got quite a few bits! The second lays I spoke to I think was called Hannah, she served me on the tills. Hannah was lovely we had a wonderful chat about the products and how I had traveled up and always wanted to visit the store. Hannah was kind enough to then gift me with an extra bath bomb for free as she said she really enjoyed chatting to me. I felt so privileged that she picked me to give something to and I shall enjoy using it that little bit more. 

Here are a couple of images I took on my phone during my visit at the store. 

Hope that you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more.

Lots of love

Rachel xxx

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