London Trip with Uni

Hello Lovelies, sorry there was no post on Friday, but you may have seen my previous post that explained I was away in London. I spent 5 days in there for a University trip. Our hotel was in Covent Garden, which happened to be the same hotel my boyfriend and I stayed in last year. I loved that it was the same hotel as I then knew my surroundings and felt less lost in the city. Covent Garden is such a great location as there is so much to do that is either walking distance or just a couple of tube stops away.

I had a great week with my friends exploring London doing touristy things. The first day was mainly just travelling there and going to the national portrait gallery. The second/first proper day in the morning we went to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A. In the afternoon we visited a photographers studio to learn about him and check out where he works. Unfortunately I really did not enjoy this experience and was made to feel quite uncomfortable and uninspired due to the photographers attitude. When we left we saw Jim Chapman walking his dog Martha though, which certainly brightened my mood.

For the third and fourth day there was a symposium. The Uni hired out a room and we had two days of Photographers, Artists and retouchers currently working in the industry to come talk to us. I only went to the first day as it was 9am til 4pm, which was long enough for me. I much preferred the talks we had by these practitioners as there were far more positive and inspiring. After the symposium I went to Oxford Street, as I really wanted to check out the Lush Oxford Street store. I shall be doing a separate post on the store, but I will say I loved it!

The second symposium day I wanted to explore so I went to Greenwich and Camden Market. Had a lovely day wondering around and shopping. In the evening we all went to the pub and had a few drinks, some more than others. It was a brilliant, but eventful night!

On Friday we all had the delightful 6 hour coach journey home, with only one stop allowed, whilst suffering hangovers!

I love London, how there is always something to do and just the people it is filled with. I cannot wait to go back hopefully in the near future. Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more.

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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