Ways to stay organised throughout 2016

Hello lovelies, one of my worst habits is doing everything last minute so this year I need give myself a kick up the bum and get stuff done. A way to get stuff done and to meet deadlines is to stay organised. I have some good tips for you that help me and you may want to try out.

The first one is of course to own a Diary. I had an academic diary which started in 2015 but goes through to 2016 too. You can get diaries in most stores and some are so cheap! I got an A5 diary that has a week per page and notes on the other side. I love my diary as I can write down any uni work, deadlines or plans I have for the week. I also have a page of notes if I need to quickly write something I must not forget. Diaries are great to refer back to and help keep on track with dates etc.

Another thing to help you with dates is a calendar. You can get big yearly calendars, monthly ones and even on your phone. I think that the phone one is quite useful as you can set alarm reminders about things, however proper calendars are more visual and you can tick off the days as you go.

I also use week planners to help me arrange my meals. I write what I plan to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and try my hardest to stick to it.

To go with my week meal planner I have a shopping list note pad. This allows me to write down all of the ingredients I shall need for the meals that I have planned for the week, meaning I shouldn't forget anything!

Lastly I used notebooks. I have always been a notebook lover, I have so many all for different things. I have a blog one, about two or three Uni ones and other general ones that I write things that I've brought to keep on top of spending etc.

I know most of these tips are very simple but it is hard to forget about them. I hope that these are useful to you and keep you motivated and on top of everything. Stay tuned for more.

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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