Skin Care Routine

Hey lovelies, today I have decided to share with you my skin care routine. My skin care routine has recently changed and I am really enjoying it so felt like sharing it with you. Before I was using the Clinique 3 step, which is brilliant I've used that for the past 5 years. I decided to try something new and slightly cheaper so I have looked into Boots No7. My routine includes their Cleansing water for oily skin, the melting cleansing gel for dry skin, their cleansing brush, the soft and soothed toner, the day cream for oily skin and the night cream for dry skin. As you can tell its all very mix and match of skin type as I have combination skin.

In the morning I shall start with my Simple eye makeup remover, just incase there is a tiny bit of mascara that I didn't manage to get off the night before. I then clean my face with the No7 cleansing water for oily skin on a cotton pad and then do the same with the soft and soothed toner. This ensures that my face is clean before I apply my moisturiser. I use the day cream for oily skin which moisturises, but leaves me far from shiny and oily and prevents it from happening throughout the day. This then creates the perfect base ready for my to apply my primer and foundation as normal.

In the evenings I firstly use the Simple eye makeup remover on a cotton pad. I usually have to use a couple of pads before all of my mascara is off. When removing the rest of my makeup I alternate my routine every other day. Although One day I shall repeat the mornings steps using the cleansing water and toner on a cotton pad, however will follow with the night cream for dry skin. On the next day I shall remove my makeup using my melting gel cleanser with my No7 Cleansing brush. This brush not only thoroughly cleans my face, but it also removes any dry/flaky skin. I use this every other day so that it is not too harsh on my skin. After using the brush I use my night cream for dry skin, which then keeps my skin nice and moisturised for the rest of the night and targets my dry areas.

I have been doing this skin care routine for about 3 weeks now and I am loving the way my skin is at the moment. I hope that you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more.

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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  1. This post which title is skin care routine. In other words this will good for the women. Because as we know that women are very sensitive regarding their skin. So, they need to follow the above routine to get the effective results. However, I want paperial but i felt this website is all about the women related stuff.