Recap of 2015

Hello lovelies so 2016 is here! which means christmas is over sad times. I wanted to look back at things that I experienced and learnt during 2015. Not much started at the start of the year until my birthday in March.

It was my 19th birthday which I celebrated with friends and family and spent a weekend away with my boyfriend in London. Our London trip was amazing and I would love to go back! There is so much to do there and always something going on that its hard to fit it all into a weekend. One of the highlights was when we accidently ended up at the Cinderella Premiere and I got to see Rhiannon Ashlee (Fashionrocksmysocks) and Richard Madden and other celebs on the red carpet.

In June I finished my two year college course of studying photography, which meant we got to put up an exhibition of our final major projects as party of the colleges summer show. Was a lovely way to end the course!

This year I experienced go karting for the first time when my family, my boyfriend and I went to exeter. It was really scary at first but after a few laps I got more confident and it was really fun. I came last every time with the least amount of laps but oh well always next time haha!


I got to see the amazing Derren Brown for the second time and definitely was not disappointed! Joe and I were only four rows back from the front and you can see us in Derrens Selfie that he posted on Twitter. I'm four back and three in. This was Joes 4th of 5th time seeing him, he's a big fan.

In August my family and I went on a weeks holiday in Majorca. It was so nice to chill out for a week relaxing in the sun and swimming in the warm sea. We also hired an open top Jeep for a day and drove around some really cool mountains/hills, but it was super hot and the wind felt like a hair dryer blowing in your face constantly.

We were originally suppossed to see Foo Fighters in June, but Dave went and broken his leg and it got cancelled. As he's such a nice guy he came back to the UK in September and did what he called 'the broken leg tour' His throne that he sat on was really cool, it was made with guitars, had a smoke machine and was designed whilst he was off his head on medication. It was an amazing night.

Also in September was my cousins wedding and a beautiful wedding it was. I loved getting to see all of the family as we don't get to very often. 

End of September is when I moved into my new flat and started my Commercial Photography Degree. Had a few issues with my flat that are still occurring which is annoying, but I do still love it lots. Enjoying my course as I am back with my friends from my course before and I like our current projects. 

I love halloween always one of my favourite times of the year. I love dressing up and getting crafty and this year Joe's family went all out on the decorations which I really enjoyed helping with. It was a really successful night as everyone looked great and really enjoyed themselves.

This year there was a lot of festiveness, family gatherings, decorations, parties etc. We even built a grotto in our living room. if that isn't christmas crazy I don't know what is haha. I got to see lots of family this month as we planned a huge family christmas dinner on my mums side and I also had a christmas party/dinner with my dad and some of his side. We also held a mulled wine and mince pies night, my mum and I baked and cooked all of the treats. Then theres christmas day, which was lovely, I ended up visiting four different locations that day so I was very busy trying to see everyone haha. I was spoilt and am extremely grateful for everything that I received however I am more pleased that people liked the presents that I picked for them.

I did lots of other things throughout the year such as go for nice meals and drinks with my friends, cuddled my cat ALOT,  watched way too many YouTube videos (that's a lie you can't get too much YouTube), took lots of photos and made so many memories.

I hope that this year is just as fun and I make lots of new memories with my friends and family and hope that you all have a brilliant year ahead!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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