No7 Haul

Hello lovelies, so today I have a Boots No7 Haul for you. I recently received the No7 Cleansing brush for christmas, which came in a gift set with their melting gel cleanser and their normal/dry skin night cream. I have been enjoying using this, but it is something that I would not use twice a day. I therefore needed something to use in the mornings and some evenings that I do not want to use the brush, to cleanse and tone my face. I usually use the Clinique 3 step type 3 for combination skin. 

As I have combination skin and already owned two products that help target the dry parts for my skin, I decided to get the cleansing water for oily skin types to help target the oily areas of my skin. I also got the soothed and smooth toner to get those little bits of make up or dirt that the cleansing water may have left behind. I then got the day cream for oily skin types, which I hope with moisturise me but not too much that leads me to being oily.

I recently went to do my make up the other day and discovered that my foundation had run out. I have been using the same one for a while now and decided that now I have proper skin care products maybe I should get a better foundation too. My biggest issue when it comes to choosing foundations is knowing what shade to get. I had seen that No7 did a matching service and thought I would give it a go. I asked one of the consultants about it and she told me to sit down and asked me some questions to discover my skin type. I ended up having my face cleansed which was super relaxing and meant that my skin was then clean for them to use their matching device. The device takes pictures of your skin and discovers the tones of your skin and which foundation colours would match you best. Blu then tried out the foundation that was best for me on my skin which allowed me to see what it really does look like. As I like a good coverage I got beautifully matte, as it is for normal/oily skin and has a medium/full coverage. I also got the Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer as I really liked the way it looked when Blu used it on me.

I look forward to using all of these products and if they work well you may see a skin care routine coming up soon! Stay tuned for more.

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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