Lush Cosmetics Still Life Photography

Hello lovelies, today's post is about a Uni project I have done recently. For my Advertising brief I decided to photograph some of my favourite Lush Cosmetics products. I was looking at the idea of what is in the product, either the actual ingredients or the colours and surprises that are hidden inside of the actual product. The first image is a very simple clean looking advert for the Roots hair treatment, peppermint oil, olive oil and orange oil are all in the ingredients of the product which is why I decided to include them in the image and placed them on a chopping board to emphasise the idea of them being fresh ingredients. My favourite image has to be the second one, which is of my all time favourite twilight. I put this picture on Instagram, which then got regrammed by my local Lush Plymouth store and then again by Doubtfulsound (Jack Constantine) and was then liked by LushLtd! I am so pleased that they love the image just as much as I do! I then wanted to get some shots of Golden wonder as I wanted demonstrate what was hidden inside of the product as it has a lovely surprise inside. I shot these on a black background he make the colours and texture of the products stand out against the background. The last two images were because we had to shoot something that was on location and not in a studio environment. I got hold of some lavender as the twilight bath bomb is known for its lavender scent and ingredients. I took it into the garden and photographed it outside again to emphasise the idea of fresh ingredients that are grown and used.

Here are the images below, I hope that you like them I know this post is a little different but if you love lush as much as I do I'm sure this will be an interest to you :)

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