Jus Rol Sausage Rolls

Hello lovelies, as it's christmas time my family are holding a mulled wine and mince pies evening for some of our friends and family to come round. We decided we wanted to make a few nibbles for people to snack on with their mulled wine. We made sausage rolls, mince pies and a huge variety of cakes. The sausage rolls were delicious and I am going to tell you just how easy they are to make!

You will need sausage meat 
Jus-Rol Puff Sheet (or you an make your own puff pastry)
one egg yolk
table spoon of milk
and will need to preheat your oven to 200C degrees(fan assisted)

Step one: Open up your Jus Rol box and take out your puff sheet. Remove the packaging and un roll the sheet onto a chopping board or worktop saver. I dusted mine in a little bit of flour to avoid it sticking but you do not have to do this.
Step two: You must then cut your puff sheet in half going long ways and making sure that they are quite equal.
Step three: you can now open up your sausage meat and begin to put it on your puff pastry. you want to position it in the middle of your sheet and trail it all the way along, as this will be the centre of your sausage roll.
Step four: Now take your egg and separate you yolk and the egg white, you only want the yoke. Add a dash of milk to the yoke and then using a pastry brush gentle give the pastry that is exposed either side of the sausage meat a little coating.
Step five: Now you can roll your pastry and place it on a try and put it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes.
Step six: When you take them out of the fridge you then need to coat the top of the sausage roll with more of your egg yoke.
Step seven: You can now begin cutting them to the size you want and putting them on a tray.
Once they are in the tray for decoration you can draw little lines on the top of each one to create a pattern once it is done baking.
Step eight: put them in the oven until they pastry looks golden.
Step nine: when taking them off of the tray you want to be careful as the bottoms can stick meaning your sausage roll splits in half.
Step ten: put all of your sausage rolls onto a cooling rack and wait until they are not too hot and you can begin to enjoy them.

These sausage rolls are lovely hot or cold, but I personally liked them most when they were warm.

Hope that you enjoyed this post and you are all having a lovely time during the festive holidays!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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