Stila Palettes

Hey lovelies, today my friends and I went into TKMaxx and came across these two wonderful Stila Palettes for just £10 each! I ended up buying the purple one and my friends got one of each. When we got back to their house we decided we could not wait to try them out. 

We decided to do each-others make up in a way we could try out both palettes, therefore I had one half of Rachel's face (yes she has an amazing name that happens to be the same as mine) and Katie had the other half. We decide I would use one palette and Katie would use the other to see what we could come up with. For my half of the face (the right side) I used the 'In the moment' Palette and used shades Instinct, Impulse, Glance and Catalyst. Katie used 'In the garden' and used shades Bronze, Sage and Bark.

I am really impressed with these palettes as they are very pigmented and the colours are beautiful. Cannot wait to carry on experiment with this palette.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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