My New Flat

Hello lovelies, I have finally moved into my new flat and have started University. I am so pleased to be in my new flat I absolutely love it and it already feels like home. I have pretty much unpacked everything and have settled in and all of my ornaments have found their homes.

My flat is arranged on two different levels, downstairs there is my bathroom and my bed area and then you go upstairs to the kitchen/living area. The bedroom area is quite small, but I love how cosy it is and I only really use that space for sleeping. I love my bathroom as it is a proper bathroom, in previous halls I had a tiny wet room that you would step up into (it was like a caravan bathroom). Upstairs almost looks like it is on a balcony as it is very open plan and full of light due to my big window. My desk ended up being bigger than I thought therefore it doubles up as my dressing table too! I like that the kitchen and living area are one area as if you have friends round you can cook and chat at the same time or sit on the sofa and watch TV whilst you have something in the oven.

My favourite part of my flat has to be my little bar kart that holds all of my cocktail bits. I think I may be one of the only students who has four different types of cocktail glass in their flat, I clearly have great priorities. I shall insert some pictures below, but the quality may not be amazing as they are from my phone.

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