Lush Haul

Hello lovelies, today I have a small Lush haul for you! As it is now summer I have had to move out of my house to come home for the holidays. Unfortunately I do not have a Lush that is local to me, therefore I decided to have a little stock up before I left. I got two of my classic favourites and two others that I had never used before to try out!

The first one that I got was Dragons Egg which is a citrus scented Bath ballistic that crackles and fizzes and surprisingly leaves your bath a bright orange/gold colour.

The second one I got was Twilight. I love this bath bomb as it is has a lavender scent, which creates a very relaxing atmosphere when you are in the bath.

The third item was the Big Blue, this stood out to be because of its bold blue colour. It's description on the website says 'it evokes a summers day by the seaside' which I loved as I live by the sea. 

The last one that I got was Dorothy, which is a bubble bar. I have never tried this and they are discontinuing it, therefore I wanted to grab one allowing me the chance to try it before they all go. I kinda hope I don't love it as I cant get it again haha!

I hope that you enjoyed this little Lush haul, I am very looking forward to using these products. Look out for more posts hope to see you again soon!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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