A day trip to Dawlish!

Hello lovelies, if you've come scross my youtube channel 'highstreetstylist' you would know that I recently had a family day trip to Dawlish. I used to go to Dawlish so much as a child and we hadn't been in a long time so it was so lovely to go back. 

Dawlish is a very beautiful place with its flowers, the stream, it's famous black swans!, the beach and of course the worlds most amazing ice cream shop. Gay's Creamery is one of the main reasons we went there for the day. They sell gorgeous vanilla ice-cream with clotted cream on top, mmm I really want another one now! 

We also stopped in The Old Mill Tea Rooms. I had never been to these tea rooms before and I had no idea there was this big mill hiding down the side of two buildings. I had a ham and cheese panini and my family had some delicious looking scones.

We had a lovely day, if your close by I definitely recommend you stop off here sometime, here are some pictures that I got whilst I was there..

Outfit of the day:
Dress: New Look
Coat: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Bag: River Island

I also uploaded a Vlog on my YouTube channel 

Thanks for visiting my blog, Hope you are back soon!

Lots of Love
Rachel xxx

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