Summer Show

Hey everyone, I have recently finished college, as it was the last year of my course our final major projects were displayed in the college during the summer show week. The summer show is when the college is transformed by us students and staff into a big gallery space and our work is displayed for a week including a V.I.P and family and friends exclusive night.

We had to set up our gallery space ourselves as a class including putting the boards together and painting them. It was a hard week, but worth it all in the end. We had a great official last night at the V.I.P night and I was proud to have my family come and look at my work on display. 

My hair is my identity, was the title of my collection of images. My concept was that I wanted to demonstrate how we could change our identities by using only our hair instead of makeup and facial expressions, which we usually associate with identify. I wanted the faces hidden/shadowed so that they would not be a distraction so the hair would stand out more. I lit the work in the style of some images by Jack Eames and Richard Avedon that inspired me.

I have really enjoyed the last two years living in Plymouth studying my photography course and now look forward to returning in September to start my Commercial Photography Degree.

Hope this post interested you, now I have finished college look out for more posts and videos on my YouTube channel!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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