Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, is it me or has December just flown by? I have been so busy buying so many gifts for my friends and family, I am not complaining though. I love going out on the hunt for different bits and bobs to get everyone that I hope they will love! 

During December I went up to stay in Bath with my mum and boyfriend and it was lovely as there was the christmas market stalls and Christmas lights everywhere. We had a lovely short stay but between then and Christmas Day I still had so much to buy and then to wrap up. Can't believe Christmas Day is already been and gone but it has been a lovely holiday! I have seen friends and family, been given wonderful gifts that I am much appreciative of and eaten lots of food and sweeties! I hope you have all had a good holiday too speak soon :)

Here are some pictures I have taken over the last month..

Thanks for checking out this post, keep your eye out for more coming up soon!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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