Lush Twilight bath bomb

Hello lovelies, today I am doing a quick review on a bath bomb that I recently used. I sometimes really struggle with relaxing and sleeping at night and I have been told that lavender is supposed to really help. When I found out that lavender was one of the key ingredients of the Twilight bath bomb I decided that I had to give it a go.

The bath bomb is pink and has little stars and moons on it, which I think is a cute link to bed/night time. It is pink on the outside but once it was in the water for a little while a vibrant blue colour started to appear in the water. It left the bath water a shimmery purple and produced a strong but not over powering lavender scent in the bathroom.

I found this bath bomb incredibly relaxing and will definitely be repurchasing it! I also want to try the French kiss bubble bar as that too features lavender ingredients. 

Lush Twilight bath bomb £3.35

I hope you liked this post and keep your eye out for more!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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