Lush: Dragon Egg Bath Bomb

Hello everyone, I have recently opened up my Lush bath bomb gift set from Christmas and used my Dragon Egg and thought I would tell and show you guys what it was like. I was really looking forward to trying this bath bomb, as I know it is one of their best sellers. 

It looks quite plain on the outside with the odd bit of visible colour so I was unsure what to expect. Once I popped it in the water it began to turn it slightly milky and then suddenly a glittery golden/orange colour started coming out of it. It created some lovely patterns in the bath and produced a lovely citrus scent. It made the water a lovely glistening yellow/golden colour and was very refreshing and up lifting. 

I would definitely recommend this bath bomb good for mornings and evenings :) here are some pictures..

I hope that you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more to come.

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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