Blog name change!

Hello everyone, this is just a quick post to inform you that I am changing the name of my blog. When I first started this blog I called it buy it, wear it, share it. I loved this name as it was very catch, easy to remember and it was exactly what this blog is about. I buy stuff, wear stuff and share it with you. 

As I have started up my YouTube channel again ( I thought it would be best for me change to name to something that could relate/link to my channel. was already taken by an inactive account, ANNOYING, but never mind. 

So welcome to my newly renamed blog I have also decided that I wanted to give my blog a little bit of a new look. It is still in the process of being finished and I want a nice new header title to be designed so keep an eye out for that! I wanted something minimalistic, making the posts stand out more.

I hope that you are all well and stay tuned for more coming up soon.

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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