Animal Kingdom - Colouring for Adults

Hello lovelies, as I have now finished college I have a bit more spare time. As I love doing arty and creative things I am not going to stop just because I am not studying. I started to notice in a lot of shops there were these 'colouring books for adults'. It has been said that colouring can help people relax and relieve stress, so I decided to give it a go and purchased one.

The book that I picked was Mille Marotta's Animal Kingdom, which is full of beautiful designs of different animals, creatures, flowers and patterns. I also purchased some felt tip pens, some of the designs are very small so I would suggest getting some pens that have both the thing and thick tip, which I realised after I had brought my Stabio pens.

I have spent up to multiple hours on single designs without even realising/getting bored. I am really enjoying it, as it is a nice break from looking at a screen and also allows me to get creative. Even though I am not drawing the designs myself its just as fun and I still have a chance to get creative by choosing all of the colour combinations. Here are a couple a I have done recently..

I would highly recommend checking these books out, there are so many different ones in most shops these days from Hobbycraft, WhSmiths to Sainsburys and Tesco, it's clearly a current craze!

Hope you liked this post, it is a bit different to my usual ones by stay tuned for more!

Lots of love
Rachel xxx

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