Northern Lights - Lush Bath Bomb

Hello lovelies, today I have another bath bomb review. After trying out the couple I brought in september I was desperate to get some more to try, especially as the limited edition Halloween/Christmas collection has came out. Again I just wanted to buy everything but I opted for the Northern Lights bath bomb, the Golden wonder bath bomb and the Bright side bubble bar, which isn't part of the christmas range.

The Northern Lights bath bomb really stood out and intrigued me because of it's shape, it is long and thin instead of the round shapes that I am used to. It is bright purple and has little star shapes on it and is supposed to fill your bath with bright colours. When I went to use mine unfortunately it had broken and crumbled, I am not sure how this happened so I just poured the bag into the bath. 

Once I put it in the bath it began to transform the clear water and produced a wonderful smell. Here are some of the photos below, please excuse the quality I used my phone.

I really enjoyed this bath bomb, it smelt amazing, looked amazing and I am so upset that this is a limited edition product. Will have to make the most of this one whilst I can.

I hope that you liked this post and keep an eye out for more!

Much Love
Rachel xx

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