Filming at Paignton Zoo

Hello lovelies, so this post is not going to be beauty/fashion related, it is more about my photography work and a recent bit of filming experience I have done. My boyfriend Joe studied Media at University and for his latest project he arranged to collaborate with Paignton Zoo. They wanted him to produce a music video to 'All I want for Christmas is you'. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to assist and help film some behind-the-scenes clips. I just wanted to write a little bit about the experience as I really enjoyed it and thought that some of you may be interested!

For the video we filmed a variety of members of staff and volunteers with some of the animals located in the zoo. This gave us the chance to get closer to the animals and go behind-the-scenes. My favourite part is when we filmed some of the staff feeding the giraffes, as they then allowed us to have a turn after. I never realised just how big they are, their heads are huge! I had great fun and everyone we worked with were very friendly and welcoming.

The video is now available to watch on their YouTube channel I shall leave the link down below. Here are some pictures that I took whilst I was there and also some behind the scenes photographs taken by MotionGrafix.

Here are two photos that a photographer, from MotionGrafix, took who was capturing behind-the-scenes for the zoo, which I am in. All the rights for these two images belong to MotionGrafix.

Find the music video here

Hope that you enjoy the video and like my pictures!

Much love
Rachel xx

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