Experimenting with face paints!

Hello you lovely lot, this post is just a bit of fun, as I recently purchased some face paints for a college project and my friends and I wanted to try them out. As I live with a group of students who also study arty subjects we all love to get creative. We thought it would be fun to spend a night in painting each others faces, attempting some classic designs and making up some of our own. We looked for inspiration on websites such as Pinterest and google images.

I have decided that as it is October next month, which means one thing HALLOWEEN, therefore I am thinking of doing a halloween makeup look post, to give people some inspiration for your own looks.

Here is the results that we came up with the other night, there is quite a variety in theme:

Flowers, by me.

Spring flower, by me.

Tropical Island, by me.

Peacock feather, by Caitlin

Winter, by Caitlin

Ninja turtle, by Amy

Products Snazaroo paints, brushes and sponges. 
Everything can be found in their starter kit here.

I hope you like the looks, or at least make you laugh!
They were great fun to do and I cannot wait to start experimenting with halloween looks.
Keep your eyes out for my next post.

Much Love

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