Queen of the Seasons

Hello lovelies, sorry that I have been distant this month but I have been SUPER busy with collage work and applying to UCAS. My current project is called 'Images and Dreams' and I have decided to go down the fantasy/fairytale root. As my work for this project is fashion based I thought that you may be interested in seeing a few of the images I have produced.

I decided to create a series of images of a girl dressed as 'the queen of the seasons'. I made up this character after looking at different princesses, queens and fairies that are in well-known fairytales. I styled my model thinking about the colours and props that I felt related most to that season. Hopefully when you look at the images you will be able to identify which season they represent. A lot of time and preparation has gone into this project and I hope it has all paid off.

Here are my some of my favourite edited images, enjoy.

Hope you like the images and stay tuned for more posts!

Much Love
Rachel xx

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