Lush Sex Bomb, bath ballistic review.

Hello everyone, now that I am in my new house I felt it was definitely time to try out the bath, as last year I only had a shower in my flat. I thought that this gave me a great excuse to wonder into Lush and have a look at their bath products. I have never really had much experience with Lush products other than the odd christmas present, but I have always wanted to try them out. I have never had a store close to me so the fact there is one in the centre of the city really excites me. I have always presumed that their products would be very pricey as they are vegetarian, some vegan and completely against animal cruelty. Their prices surprised me as they were actually affordable if you take into consideration the amount of effort is put into the production of the products.

I ended up buying two bath ballistics, but I wanted to get so much more. I felt it was a more sensible idea to try some out before splurging on them. I brought Sex Bomb, and Sakura, both are very floral scented. The sex bomb is made up of Jasmine Absolute, Clary Sage Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil. It is a very pretty looking bath bomb, I really like the ombre look it has going from pink to purple. The flowers on the top are also a nice decorative touch. They are almost too nice to use.

I firstly ran myself a nice hot bath and then placed the ballistic into the water and it soon began to fizz and transform the water from clear to bright pink. The flowers on the top of the bath bomb floated on the top of the water surface for almost the whole duration of the bath, it felt like they were made out of a soapy texture. It was a strong smell this one produced, but not overpowering, very sweet and floral, which is exactly what I had hoped for. I shall definitely carry on purchasing Lush products.

Here are some pictures of what colour it made my bath water..

You can get yourself one here
or at your local store.

Hope you enjoyed this review,
Much Love

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