Halloween is here!

Hello lovelies, halloween is here and it is time to get freaky! We are having a party tonight in our house and all of us are dressing up, going to listen to a halloween themed playlist and dance the night away. We have all picked different characters to dress up as from witches, aliens to dead brides. 

I brought a plain black dress and cut it up making the sleeves look choppy and rough and made multiple holes in it. I safety pinned little plastic skeletons to it, I was going to sew them but I thought the safety pins added to the look. I also laddered my tights slightly and accessorised with a choker with a cross on it. 
I was not quite sure what I was being, but once I finished my makeup I felt I suited the witch category best. I made myself pale and painted very fine veins all around my mouth and eyes and enhanced the wrinkles on my head by shading them. I braided my hair in to four upside down french plaits the night before and kept them in all day to make my hair full of volume and big and frizzy.When styling my hair I added dry shampoo without rubbing it in so that it would make it appear whiter.

Here are some pictures of the process of creating my final look and some from the party.

I hope that you like the pictures, I had a great night and I hope you had a good time too!

Much Love
Rachel xxx

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