Halloween themed fashion.

Hello everyone, so now we have hit october it is definitely time to start getting excited about halloween. I love any excuse to dress up and party, but halloween is definitely one of my favourites. I have previously been everything from the classic dead school girl, a cat, witch, vampire etc. 

Halloween is not just about dressing up on the one day anymore, now more and more clothing stores are bringing out halloween themed fashion before we even reach october. I have decided to make a little list of some of the pieces that I like that I have found in the 'Halloween trend' section on some stores websites. Links shall be below.

ASOS Heart Skeleton Swing Dress
This dress has to be my favourite out of the pieces I have seen as I like that the halloween theme is not too over the top and the heart keeps it looking feminine. 

ASOS Tshirt With Bleached Skeleton Print
I like this top as it could be worn normally or also be used for part of your actual costume. It could be tucked into a skirt, skeleton print trousers/leggins, shorts etc. I feel this could still be worn after halloween if you like the grunge/gothic style.

New Look Red Polka Dot Mesh Top Skater Dress
Halloween is not just all about black, it is also all about the red, bright ruby blood red. This dress is very brightly coloured, making you stand out without having to dress up and making yourself look silly. This look is perfect if you want attention but not too much attention. It is also a piece you could easily wear again. Just add a pair of horns and you have a simple devil outfit!

ASOS Halloween Catsuit In Fang Print
This look is a very fierce one and definitely for someone who is feeling brave. I love the pattern on it, they also do a skirt and top in this design that would be good for someone who wants to wear this casually too. I feel this catsuit may be a bit too dressy for everyday where but would be great for parties.

Topshop's Little Shop of Horrors
If you are still stuck for ideas I would definitely check out Topshops little shop of horrors, they have made a nice halloween mood board. Quite a few pieces in their collection could be worn both day to day and evening at normal occasions not just for halloween, which is good as you want to be able to get your moneys worth of wears!

I hope that you like the few pieces that I picked out and manage to think of a few ideas of what you would like to wear this month or to a party. 
Next post will be about face paint/make up designs for halloween!

Much Love

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