My Summer Fashion Wish List

Hello everyone, so today I have decided to create a summer themed wish list for you. Here I have made a small wish list of a few pieces I have had my eye on and really want to purchase for the summer. I am going on holiday in august to Rome in just under three weeks, so hopefully I may be able to purchase some of these and wear them there. Here are the pieces, enjoy.

1. Stone Chunky Strap Sandals
I already have these sandals in black and I love them, they are super comfy and on trend with its thick style straps. I really want to purchase this colour as well as I feel they look more summery as they are a lighter colour and I like the contrast of the stone straps and white sole.
From: New Look Price: £19.99
Link: Here

2. Midi Sundress in Paisley Print
I was having a browse at midi dresses online and this one really stood out to me, I think this is due to the bold colour of it. I have never really owned anything bright yellow as I thought some blondes cant pull it off, but this model has very similar hair colour to me and I think she can really pull it off. As you all probably know I love the midi length therefor really want to give this dress a go. You cannot see the print clearly so here is a closer look at it.
From: ASOS Price: £35.00
Link: Here

3. Hat Trick Leather Heeled Sandals
Yes, another pair of sandals, but I must add these ones do have a slight heel. For a while now I have been trying to find some nice shoes that can be worn both casually and for a night out, but also still comfy with a sensible heel. I wouldn't usually class these as heels, but recently I have given up trying to wear high heels as who am I kidding, I am not the best at walking in them and they hurt. I spotted these and thought they were perfect as they are in between a flat sandal and a heel. This way I can still dance around pain free, but also not look too casual by wearing flat shoes. Again these have the thick straps that I really like as they are on trend and give your feet lots of support. 
Heres what they look like on...

From: ASOS Price: £35.00
Link: Here

4. Lace Hem Crop Top
I must admit I do already have a jumper that is almost exactly the same as this, but instead it is a very bright/almost neon orange colour and who says if you love something you can't get every colour? Even though I am looking for summer clothes, I also feel I should include a little bit of knitwear for when the evenings begin to get chilly. As the jumper is cropped and has short sleeves, you can still stay nice and cool whilst it protects you from any chilly breezes. It is a very light weight jumper that is very soft and comfortable to wear. I really liked this specific one, as blue is my favourite colour and the shade goes well with the white lace.
From: Topshop Price: £34.00
Link: Here

5. Pink Floaty Midi Skirt
Oh my goodness, I am in love with this skirt! I have a skirt that is almost exactly the same as this, but maxi length instead from Love Label. I recently saw a YouTube video with Zoella in and she was wearing a very similar skirt. I never managed to find out where it was from unfortunately, but did find this beauty. When I saw a midi version of this skirt I got very excited as I just love the way this fabric falls and flows in the wind. This skirt is extremely girlie with its soft delicate material and pastel pink colour, it reminds me so much of a ballerina or princess.
From: H&M Price: £24.99
Link: Here

6. Shell Pink Floral Panel Mini Camera Bag
I have been looking for a nice bag this shape ever since Charlotte Fisher uploaded a picture on instagram of a gorgeous colourful one from primark, but none ever ended up in any of my local stores. Some of you may know that the main thing I do in my life is study photography, therefore I am very often out taking pictures. This bag is the perfect size for when I just want to pop out on a nice day and take my camera without having to carry loads and it will still look pretty. This bag would definitely come in handy on holiday!
From: New Look Price: £6.00 (on sale)
Link: Here

7. Midi Dress in Pineapple Print
Yes I know, yet another midi dress please forgive me! I thought this dress was really funky as I am loving the pineapple print trend at the moment as it reminds me of tropical places, where the sun is shining on wonderful beaches. I also like it as the main colour of the dress is blue and the description says it is made out of a breathable woven fabric. I also love the strap detailing as they are little ties...
From: ASOS Price: £35.00
Link: Here

That is all of the main pieces I have my eye on at the moment that I am hoping to purchase over summer, hope your all as happy that summers finally here as I am! Thank you for checking out this post hope you enjoyed it and look out for more coming soon!

Lots of Love
Rachel xxx

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