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Here it goes, my first post on my brand new blog. I already have a slight introduction about myself in my about me section, but I am just going to briefly go into a bit more depth about myself and what my blog is going to be all about. I have mentioned I am currently living in Plymouth whilst studying, I am living in my own little studio flat in student accommodation and I Love it!. I am located completely central of the city, as my building is right above some of the shops in the main high street. This is great for travel costs but not so good for constantly being tempted to go shopping! haha. Although I am based in Plymouth a couple of days a week I do visit home as I'm lucky enough to only live a 45minute drive distance. My family live in the sunny area of Torbay!, although living in England the appearance of the sun is actual as rare as me going into Topshop, coming out without a purchase or a huge wishlist. As a tourist Torbay is lovely to visit with its sandy beaches, and cute touristy shops, but gets rather boring as a place to live. As not much goes on that is interesting for people around my age and with the shops closing in the high street one by one, there is nothing really keeping me there. I am studying a Level 3 extended diploma in Photography at the College of Art. I love PCA as it is full of creative vibes and has amazing facilities, with equipment that is beyond belief that is available to us all. I love having the freedom to be creative with not only my work, but with being able to dress however I wish. I have friends that are doing the fashion courses and I love discussing work and looking at the way all of the fashion students style themselves, especially with them all having different tastes. I don't really have any hobbies other than shopping and socializing, I do enjoy doing anything arty and going out with friends for good old cocktails, mmm.

Right that's more than enough about me! what to expect... I do not know how regularly I will be able to post at the moment but I am often posting shopping and ootd's on Instagram and will hopefully be able to post the pictures to here. I shall be featuring a variety of ootd's and look books anyway and different types of styling and trend posts. I also want to briefly go into some beauty stuff, such as product reviews, make up look diy's etc. Occasionally there may be featured posts about specific day trips or special occasions.

I really hope you stick around and watch out for all that is to come!
Love Rachel x

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