Festival Style Must Haves: My Top 12

As festival season is approaching fast, with Isle of Wight being in less than 4 weekends away, I decided to make a festival themed post, for those who are panicking about what to wear. I had a browse at some different high street stores online and picked out some key pieces that I think are essential to create great festival outfits. This is just my opinion and guide to help you pick your key pieces, hope you enjoy and find this helpful.

1.The Check Shirt
Check shirts are the perfect throw over to jazz up any outfit, they are also perfect for the evenings once the sun has gone down and starts to get a bit chillier. They can also be conveniently tied round your waist when you are busy dancing around and do not want to carry it. I personally think check shirts look styled best with a nice pair of highwaisted shorts and a nice simple crop top. This shirt I have decided to include is from Topshop and is quite new in. You can get check shirts from pretty much any high-street store, but I chose this one as I liked the folk style detail in the print.
Product name: Oversized Folk Check Shirt
Item code: 13V18FCRM
Price: £32.00
2. Denim Shorts

Shorts are a key piece due to how easy they are to wear and style, and also the fact that they are a lot cooler to wear than long hot jeans. I personally do not wear shorts, but my favorite style are highwaisted as I think they look the nicest when styled correctly on other people. I also love frayed shorts as they add that slight roughness that creates the vintage look and more boho chic. I chose to include these shorts as they have the slight rip and fraying details that I like, as well as a light wash which I think is a perfect light shade for summer.
Product name: Light Blue Acid Wash Ripped Denim Mom Shorts
Product code: 300824244
Price: £19.99

3. Wellies

Footwear is the one thing that you really need to think about most, you may want to look perfect but you do almost need to be comfortable. At a festival you do a huge amount of walking, standing and dancing around, therefore you do not want to be wearing heels! As I live in England the weather is extremely unpredictable until last minute, therefore wellies are a great idea as they can easily be worn on dry and wet land. You do not want to be wearing sandals in a field of wet mud that you will end up covered in and stuck with it for the whole weekend. Wellies are waterproof therefore even good for paddling in the sea, if you are at a beach based festival. I've brought this specific pair of Hunters, which are on the expensive side for just a pair of wellies, but the quality is brilliant and I know they will last. I also chose black as they are easy to pair with anything and will be suitable all year round.
Product name: Original Short
Price: £70.00 (hunter-boot.com)
£59 on sale (soletrader.co.uk)

4. Basic crop top

A basic crop top is definitely a essential as they go with anything that you decide to wear on the bottom. I know at the moment the high neck spaghetti strap tops are very popular, therefore decided that was the perfect type to include. I think the high-neck style is nice as when your jumping around it will help avoid any accidents and still looks flattering, as they show off a lot of your shoulders. I picked a white one as I imagined this top paired with the shirt and shorts I have previously mentioned and I did not want the top clashing with the shirt, but there are a huge variety of colours and I know Missguided do a nice variety of pastels and patterned ones. This one is from Boohoo.com.
Product name: Angelina Spaghetti Strap Crop Top
Product code: azz31521
Price: £6.00  

5. A Kimono

I am such a huge fan of kimonos, as they can turn any boring outfit into a show stopper in seconds. Kimonos are key pieces in summer as they are usually made with thin fabric such as silk, lace or crochet etc. therefore are nice and cool and do not get too hot to wear. You can get Kimonos in a variety of colours and patterns and also different lengths. I have chosen to look at this short one with tassel detailing, as I think tassels themselves are a highly recognized detail to festival fashion. They can be worn with anything such as dresses, top and shorts, jumpsuits etc. therefore are so easy to throw on and go! This one is from River Island and it stood out to me as I liked the colours, as I think there is a variety of tones, which gives you more of a chance to find things to pair with it. 
Product name: White Tapestry Embroidered Kimono 
Product code: 653652
Price: £45
6. Dr Martens

Another sensible but still fashionable option for footwear are Dr Martin boots. These boots are good as you can get ones with steel toe caps, which will protect you when people are dancing a little too hard and accidentally stamp on your foot. As they are boots they should also help keep the water out and prevent your feet from getting wet. As they are simple boots they are easily paired with anything and should be comfortable and supportive. Again I have included black as I think they will go with everything.
Product name: 1460 Boot
Product code: 11822006
Price: £100 (drmartens.com)

7. Smock style dress

Instead of building up an outfit using lots of different pieces you may prefer to simply go with a nice dress. I think that this smock style dress is perfect for festivals as you can just throw it on and your ready. As smock dresses have a loose style fit, they are very comfortable as it means they are not tight and restricting, making them perfect for dancing around in. I have this dress myself, it is from River Island and is a nice thin, soft cotton material, perfect for keeping cool in the heat. I love the bright red colour of it as it makes it stand out and I also like the paisley vintage style print. This dress also looks really nice with a belt if you do not like the smock style fitting.
Product name: Red Tribal Print Sleeveless Smock Dress
Product code: 651757
Price: £25

8. Two piece co-ord

Co-ord's are already huge this season! and I completely understand why. I feel that two piece coords are so cute and the perfect replacement for playsuits at festivals. I do love playsuits, however I can not think of anything worse than a girl in a playsuit, under the influence of a fair amount of alcohol, in a portaloo, attempting to get it on and off, when in a desperate rush for the toilet. I think that they are very flattering as they show just that little bit more skin than playsuits but in a subtle way. If you are completely set on preferring the style of playsuits, the solution is you can always buy the sizes big enough so that you could even tuck the top into the shorts, therefore it looks like a playsuit, but you also have that ease of getting it on and off! I chose these two gorgeous outfits from the Missguided website as I really liked the white with the pop of colour detailing, and I loved the little pom pom edging around the top and shorts on the second one.
Outfit One
Top Product Name: Gilberte Chiffon Crop Top With Neon Embroidery
Price: £17.99
Bottom Product name: Felicity Chiffon Shorts With Neon Embroidery
Price: £19.99
Outfit Two
 Top Product name: Klarita Tropical Print Cami Crop Top With Pom Pom Detail
Price: £14.99
Bottom Product name: Burma Tropical Print Shorts With Pom Pom Detail
Price: £14.99

9. Midi skirt

Midi skirts are another piece that is very popular at the moment, and I am very pleased as I love them! I am someone who always wears tights with skirts and dresses unless I am wearing a maxi skirt, even in summer! I know I am crazy right? Well since I came along midi skirts I have discovered they reach a length that I feel comfortable enough to not wear tights, yay me! Which means no more burning legs in the sun haha. I think that midi's can be worn for any occasion but I am focusing on Festivals today. Due to them being a bit longer than the average skirt means you can freely jump and dance around without the worry of your dress/skirt blowing up. I have this skirt and it has been featured in a previous styling post I have done, but for a festival I would style it with much more colour.
Product name: Black Floral Print Crinkle Midi Skirt
Product code: 301177609
Price: Was £19.99 Now £9.00 on sale

10. Waterproof mac coat

One of the biggest must haves is a waterproof coat! Like I have mentioned before the weather is very unpredictable in England and it is likely to rain in summer therefore you need a coat, especially a waterproof one and what is cuter than a bright colourful mac? This bright yellow one is from Topshop and is like a lace fabric with the waterproof plastic over the top. I own a blue floral one from Topshop (featured in a previous post) but there are no more in stock online, therefore I have decided to feature this one instead. What is good with mac's is even if it does not rain they are not heavy to carry and can usually be easily wrapped up and tucked into a bag.
Product name: Floral Lace Plastic Mac
Product code: 11K10FYLW
Price: £48.00

11. Floral Garland/Headband

I love flowers so much so why not wear them! I think flowers are so pretty and they are the perfect way to add the extra girlie touch to any outfit. I have so many different floral headbands and a variety of colours! They are perfect for making statements, especially if you go for the big bold ones. If you are not as confident or think ones like this one are a bit too much you can easily get dainty ones too, that almost look like a daisy chain. Floral garlands are also good if you are going for that boho chic look. This one is from Topshop and I chose it as I like the big statement flower at the front.
Product name: Berry Garland
Product name: 19M22FPNK
Price: £14.00

12. Bum bag

Bum bags are the most convenient way to carry the important belongings that you always want on you such as a phone, money or camera. Bum bags would probably be the safest option of bag in my personal opinion, as it is very close to you and you can feel it at all times. With backpacks and handbags it is easier for people to get into it without you realizing, although this is unlikely if your careful do not panic! They are convenient as you do not have to carry them as they just wrap around you. You have to make the decision of whether you want a plain one or patterned as you have to consider it may clash with your outfit, which is not a problem, its just whether you want to rock that look or not! I personally love a good old clash! I chose to look at this one as even though it has a pattern on it, as it is black and white it may clash by pattern but the colours will easily go with anything. This bag is from ASOS website, I would say there is not a huge variety on the high-street store but if you start searching for them you can find some really nice ones.
Product name: Pieces Siabella Bum Bag Box
Price: £30

That is all of my key pieces that I wanted to talk about! I am sure there is more that could have been featured in this post but I felt that these were the essentials. I hope that you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you really want to stand out of the crowd and make sure no one else is wearing the same as you, your best bet is to find your key pieces in charity shops or look for limited edition and unique pieces online. 

Hope you all have an amazing time this summer!

Love Rachel xx

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